Social Marketing Process

1. Your web site analysis

First things first! Because your site is your 'home' on the web, let's make sure everything is in good shape. Is your content up to date? How can people contact you? I'll look it over for basic SEO triggers such as page titles, meta tags, and keywords. Do you have tracking with Google Analytics? Is your sitemap up to date? Is your site coordinated with your current social media? That's just a sample - a more in depth makeover includes schema / authorship and other SEO necessities

2. Your internet footprint

Are you in directories? Most importantly are you in local directories? Is your address and contact information consistent across all properties? For Portland Metro area businesses, optimizing your footprint for local search is essential. Check Moz's Can your customers find you online? to see where you are at!

3. Are you social?

Where do you have social media accounts? Is the information current? Any orphaned accounts in need of updating? Can content be shared across accounts?

4. And now, the marketing begins!

Hurrah! Now that everything is cleaned up and in place, we can strategize a plan to reach your customers!